Welcome to Omnicom Engineering, a Balfour Beatty company.

At Omnicom Balfour Beatty, we create remote surveying hardware and develop innovative viewing software that gives maintenance engineers a distinct advantage.

Our systems were initially developed for the rail network, where manual inspections can present challenges to staff safety, schedule disruption and fiscal resources. Omnicom’s award winning technology overcomes those challenges, providing a powerful tool for organisations looking to operate competitively and future proof their assets.

With manual site inspections being costly, time-consuming and a potential risk hazard, our remote systems offer both value and substantial safety benefits. Whether it’s Rail, Road or Utilities, Omnicom’s products are designed to eliminate the need for manual surveying, whilst building a reliable, extensive database, accessible at the click of a mouse.

"The visibility of the line side assets is very useful and the location mileage well calibrated. I have reviewed most of the video and it is going to prove invaluable for our forthcoming line side cable route surveys."

Stuart Chambers, Network Rail Telecoms

Our Services

No organisation is the same. Experienced engineers and developers at Omnicom understand where businesses will get the best value from technology and focus on those tangible benefits.

We’ll help assess the needs of a business and explain the technology available to improve efficiency and safety. We can also arrange demonstrations and training but, more importantly, the advice we share is based on each organisation’s needs, not ours.

Talk to us about how Omnicom Balfour Beatty could help improve your organisation by speaking to a professional on 01904 778100.

We have already surveyed over 30,000km of rail track and more than 5,000km of our road network, creating a valuable library of digital data. UK rail providers already benefit from regular updates in order to maintain the safety of their network.

Our video data is available to buy and specific sections or mileages can be supplied, simply delivered on external hard drives.

To order data, please speak to a member of our Media Sales Team on 01904 778100.

Rail-View is an on-line portal to images and valuable inspection information, across the UK rail network. Users can access an information-rich catalogue of geospatially referenced material, associated to either mapping or aerial imagery. With its linear referencing engine, Rail-View allows users to navigate using familiar local referencing systems.

Search criteria includes: geographic location, linear reference or geographically referenced feature (junction, town, station, postcode, etc). Imagery for the area can then be viewed and navigated. Data can also be interrogated to allow measurements to be taken in three dimensions.

Rail-View is a powerful tool that results in judicial decision making, based on
accurate visual data.

And all this, without having to leave the office!

Call 01904 778100 now for more information or visit the Rail-View portal.

Train Locator tracks the position of virtually all the traffic on our busy rail network. Using real time data from the UK mainline rail network and train operations, it provides a live, visual feed of train locations throughout the country.

Tapping into Network Rail’s signalling systems and combining this live information with both route and track level network mapping, it geospatially maps thousands of train movements every day.

Developed by Omnicom, Train Locator aims to improve the visibility of our network and the capacity for more efficient monitoring. We are continually improving the mapping capability: even in areas where information from signalling systems is limited, for example Wales and Scotland.

Call 01904 778100 for more information or visit the Train Locator website.

"We’ve found OmniInspector an excellent tool that can save many hours of track surveying. It’s almost like Google Earth for the railway."

Elise Mclean, SVM Glasgow

Our Products



A safe and accurate alternative to site visits, OmniInspector saves time and lowers costs…

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A compact unit designed to be installed onto any vehicle (Rail or Road) and provide continuous location information…

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Bring the Network infrastructure to your desktop: no site visits, no schedule disruptions, no risk to engineers’ safety…

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Inspect your Network with state-of-the-art, high resolution images delivered to your desktop within hours…

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DIFCAM satisfies the demand for a safe, efficient and automated method of carrying out basic visual inspections.…

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Track Locator

Track Locator

Track Locator determines your current location on the UK rail network using the standard rail referencing systems…

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"Buckinghamshire County Council has been very pleased to commission highway digital video survey and asset inventory collection works from Omnicom"

Sean Rooney, Buckinghamshire County Council

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OmniSurveyor3D at Rail Solutions Asia

Balfour Beatty Rail are returning to Rail Solutions Asia – This year with the added benefits of Stirling Kimkeran, Head of Technology Development and Solutions – ETS, presenting a paper titled “Bringing the railway into the Office for Safety and Productivity Benefits” and the new OmniSurveyor3D® with VR headset demonstrated at the Balfour Beatty stand.

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New product launch at InnoTrans 2016

At this year’s InnoTrans, Omnicom will be launching a new survey system, adding laser point cloud capture and asset modelling to its flagship video surveying product, OmniSurveyor3D®.

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"Omnicom Engineering has provided Milton Keynes Council with a complete service from asset video through to Asset Collection."

Gary Morland, Milton Keynes Council

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