Omnicom develops innovative hardware and software that has been providing pioneering solutions to the transportation sector for over fifteen years. Our products are used extensively by organisations in all transportation sectors. Omnicom has built a reputation for using the latest available technologies to provide pioneering products and services.

Omnicom’s products are designed to add value at all levels of the organisation, from strategic long-term planning through to daily engineering tasks, enabling maintainers and operators to undertake their roles and responsibilities in a safer and more cost-effective manner.


An interactive model of the transport network, GeoModel includes the data model and tools to maintain an accurate model of a network including connectivity and geospatial position. The benefits of GeoModel can be seen by transport system operators, vehicle operating companies, network enhancement developers and infrastructure maintenance/monitoring/materials delivery teams.


Recent years have seen increased pressure on rail owners to provide greater network availability for both passenger and freight services. The challenge for maintainers is to provide greater availability whilst still managing and maintaining the railway as efficiently and, in accordance with standards, as safely as possible. To help maintainers meet this challenge Omnicom has developed a vehicle-mounted inspection system called OmniInspector. This captures data that can then be used by track inspectors to undertake basic visual inspections from their desktop rather than trackside. It is designed to inspect either plain line or more complex sections, such as Switches & Crossings (S&C).


OmniRTPS is a real-time positioning system designed to provide continuous spatial and linear position, replacing the traditional, manually-operated positioning systems used on most measuring vehicles.


Whether you are a manager or an engineer working on the transport network, one of the key enablers to help you complete your tasks efficiently and cost-effectively is knowledge; knowledge of what is on your network as well as its current condition and location. Capturing this information is not always simple, and with an increasing number of vehicles using our networks, gaining access is becoming even more difficult. To make this easier, Omnicom Engineering developed OmniSurveyor3D, a video surveying system that brings the network to your desktop. By capturing data in this way organisations can quickly access any section of their network without having to leave the office, in turn reducing the number of site visits and creating savings in costs, time and carbon emissions.


As the UK rail industry strives to operate a 24/7 railway, it is imperative that systems are created to enable the operator to assess and maintain the network without impacting on the level of service provided. To support this desire, Omnicom Engineering is proud to present its award-winning system, OmniVision. OmniVision represents a technological revolution in railway inspection by combining high resolution cameras and cutting-edge pattern recognition software to automate the detection of track defects. The system improves both the quality and safety of the process whilst saving huge amounts of time and money. It also means that tracks do not have to be closed whilst they are being inspected.

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